BeagleBeagles have a long history, but the most famous of them all, of course, is Snoopy, whose delight in food and travel exemplifies the breed. Beagles are divided into two sizes: 13 inches and under, and over 13 inches, but not over 15 inches. The Beagle makes an endearing family pet and is especially good with children. Beagles fit into most households and are good children’s companions and watchdogs.

Life Span: About 12 to 13 years
Color: Any hound color; most common are black, tan and white; red and white; and pale tan and white. Feet and tail tip should be white
Coat: A close, hard hound coat
Grooming: Brush weekly, clip toenails, clean teeth and keep ears clean to prevent infections
Height: Two official varieties: 13 inches and under, and up to 15 inches.
Weight: Weight varies depending on individual build and muscle tone, but obesity is common. Monitor weight under veterinary guidance.

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