Small Breeds

Beagles have a long history, but the most famous of them all, of course, is Snoopy, whose delight in food and travel exemplifies the breed. Beagles are divided into two sizes: 13 inches and under, and over 13 inches, but not over 15 inches. The Beagle makes an endearing family pet and is especially good with children. Beagles fit into most households and are good children’s companions and watchdogs.

Bichon Frise
The Bichon is an outgoing, merry personable dog. He is self-assured and congenial, making him a delight as a companion. Affectionate and gentle, he will want to be with his owner as often as possible. The perky Bichon loves to be the center of attention and will often think up fun games to entertain his family. His signature outlook on life is his cheerful attitude. He is well mannered and loves to be around people, children, and other pets.
Boston Terrier
Keen, intelligent, and biddable, the Boston is a dog who can adapt to almost any situation and thrive in it. He has a sense of humor and can be quite playful, yet he will settle down nicely at home with his family. Affectionate and sensitive, the Boston is a friend and playmate to people of all ages.
Cairn Terrier Puppies
The Cairn Terrier puppies are For families and people that want a dog that is energetic, happy, intelligent and a very loyal pet and protector the Cairn Terrier puppy is a perfect match. They are outgoing in their personalities and often don’t seem to realize that they are a small dog. A natural watchdog, the Cairn Terrier can be stranger, dog and pet aggressive if not properly socialized.
Cavalier King Charles Puppies
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves to be with its family and craves attention. It is cheerful, playful, and intelligent—an ideal dog to carry with you and share your time with. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do not bark frequently. They are generally well behaved, but can sometimes be timid or stubborn.
Jack Russell Puppies
The Jack Russell Terrier is brave (sometimes excessively so), boisterous, observant, happy and self-confident. Owning a Jack Russell Terrier requires an ample supply of patience; they are great matches for exuberant owners who are prepared to entertain and exercise them, but are not for everyone. Jack Russell Terriers are loving and gentle with their owners. But they will defend themselves against mishandling, even if they are being mishandled by a small child.
Lhasa Apso Puppies
Lhasa Apsos are calm, loyal, and lovable. They enjoy company, but are wary of strangers. They make a wonderful addition to any family.

Miniature Schnauzer
The Miniature Schnauzer is even-tempered and an eager, intelligent learner. It is brave and fun, making and an excellent companion. Miniature Schnauzers are loyal, protective, and alert.
The Pekingese is affectionate and noble, but not particularly fond of strangers. It has a stubborn, independent reputation. However, once it bonds with its owner, it is wholly devoted.
Pug Puppies
Pug puppies are easygoing, straightforward, sociable, intelligent and calm. Pug puppies have huge personality contained in a small body.

Rat Terrier Puppies
The Rat Terrier has sometimes been described as having a dual personality. He is a fearless, tenacious hunter with seemingly unlimited energy. When he is not hunting, however, the Rat Terrier is an exceptionally friendly companion, getting along well with children, other dogs, and even cats.

Scottish Terrier Puppies
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Shetland Sheep Dog
Shetland Sheepdog Puppies are loyal, obedient, sharp, and happy. Shetland Sheepdog puppies are watchful around strangers, this dog is extremely sociable with children, other dogs, and household pets.
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu are curious, cheerful, and watchful. They bond closely with their owners. They are easily housebroken and bark infrequently. Shiba Inu puppies are normally reserved around children and strangers but they normally get along well with all living things.
Shih Tzu Puppies
The Shih Tzu has a long double coat similar in texture to a human’s hair. The Shih Tzu is an independent dog which is intelligent, dignified, lovable, affectionate, sociable, and cheerful. It is not as outgoing as most breeds. Shih Tzu seldom bark. They are also hypoallergenic
West Highland Terrier Puppies
West Highland Terrier Puppies also commonly referred to as the Westie, this breed is a boisterous, playful, alert, and independent breed. It is very extroverted and can be stubborn. The West Highland White Terrier needs to be trained at a young age not to try to dominate other dogs or chase cats. If you have children, it makes a good playmate because it can handle rough play.
Brussels Griffon
The Brussels Griffon is a fun, confident, adaptable breed with an almost human expression. He is quite intelligent and sensitive. Affectionate and alert, he bonds strongly with his owner and family. He has a tendency to be shy with strangers This sensitive, good-natured breed is best suited to adults and older children who will treat it with the respect it deserves.