Just wanted to show you guys how he’s been doing 🙂 we named him lucky & he’s been fitting well into our family! We love our little pom!


Thank you all at WWP&K I love my new puppy Ziggy. As you can see he is fitting wright in.


It’s Sofia..we bought the beautiful girl English bulldog puppy earlier today. Here she is relaxed in her new home. Thanks again…we love her soo much!! Her name is Mercedes!!





This is my bulldog, Stanley, we purchased him from you guys about three years ago! We visited the store and they told us to email you guys a picture so we are. Thanks!-Megan Landy


Dear Worldwidepups Cant thank enough about Harley , he is growing up as summer gets along !!!!We really enjoy our everyday with Harley, and he really know how smart puppy he is. Here I want to shared second video on the YouTube I’ve made . Hope you like it too :


– Joe TickNow



I had recently purchased a beautiful puppy from your pet shop, and was asked if I could mail you some pictures of Bella, I purchased her on 3-12-11.I hope you enjoy her pictures! she is a very happy and very playful puppy, I have also recommended your puppies to a friend who saw Bella, and is looking for a puppy also 🙂 – Maritza Montalvo


I was in the store this afternoon looking at your beautiful Chihuahuas.I purchased a female Chihuahua last year…her name is Princesa. I am sending more pictures of her her so you can posted in your store. She is a happy and lovable little girl, and she is looking for her “soul mate” lol . I will be coming in on Wednesday to see your new Chihuahuas. Hopefully we can find the “perfect” one for both of us!


Hi Chris!We purchased our adorable little Yorkie Poo from you on January 20th. We adore him!!! He fits right in with us. We haven’t been able to bring him in to you yet so you can see how much he’s grown. We named him Casey. I’ve attached some pictures of different ages of him for you to see! (There is also a picture of him from the day we got him just in case you can’t recognize him). He is 7 months old now!We will definitely try to bring him in over the summer but wanted to share these with you!Thank you, from the whole family!The Conran’s


Dear Krissy & Worldwide Puppies, Thank you so much for Abby! She is so lovimg and alresdy a big part of our familyLove,Melissa Skerpaic


It was really nice to see you guys again the other day. Here I just Wang to share video of Harley (Jalapeño) on you tube.Just click on link below, and hope you enjoy it !!!!!Joe, Chris & Harley.


To StephenI don’t know if you remember me (ask Tony) I’m from Delaware and was calling you about a Yorkie-Poo puppy. We came in to see you last month and took home the “Shor- kie” puppy. We took her to our Vet the following Monday and she’s terrific. At that point she weighed 1-1/2 pounds. She’s now almost 3 lbls. Her name is Scruffie, and here’s a picture of her in one of the cats beds with lots of stuffed toys around her. Please call me or email me and let me know when the best time to call you is. We love her sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Thanks.Kay


Hello Chrissy,This is Levy . I bought a Maltese puppy from you last Friday. It was a gift for mother’s day. We named him Loren. He is a big (little) sweety, and we are sooo happy to have this new addition to the family.he is starting to show his personality which is great. The first two days, he was sleeping a lot, but now he’s a hyper little pup. So cute!Watch out for pictures to come! We love him!Levy


I wanted to send this email to thank your employee Christina. On August 23rd I purchased a yorkie from her and she really did an outstanding job in picking the right dog for me. I explained to her I wanted a dog that was small and did not bark, she gave me three dogs to choose from. She seemed to really know the dogs personalities. I had previously visited other dog stores, and their yorkies were much cheaper, I came back to your store because of Christina. None of the employees in the other stores could tell me about the dog’s personalities, and since the no barking issue was a great concern to me I returned to your store. She really picked a great dog for me, I receive so many compliments on how well behaved she is, and she has only barked 2x. Her personality matches mine 100%. I am so happy I purchased her.I wanted to send this email to compliment Christina and thank her so much. Once I have Sophie potty trained and move into another home I definately plan on coming back to purchase another dog. I attached a picture of Sophie.Alicia Lascase


To Worldwide Puppies & KittensI just wanted to thank you, I am so happy with my new puppy. I purchased an Imperial Shihtzu from you last weekend and I just love her. She has added so much joy to my home. She is so smart and is already leaning many new commands. I have attached a picture of “Gucci”.Kerri


Hey Worldwide Puppies and Kittens!We just wanted to say a big and happy thank you for letting us bring Bailey the Shiba Inu pup into our home! We named her Bailey because of her cream color, which becomes even more beautiful every day. She is the sweetest pup in the world with an independent and curious spirit. and we couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog. When we walk down the street with Bailey galloping proudly beside us, passerby’s can’t help but comment on how “sweet her face is” or “how beautiful” she is. People can’t help but to ask questions and ask to pet her, but who wouldn’t? Even people who claim to dislike dogs can’t help but pet Bailey and smile.She surprises us everyday how smart she is and how quickly she learns, teaching us a thing or two ourselves. She is very responsive to our emotions and even though she is teething (she’s a growing pup!) her toothy smile can brighten our day. She really is the baby girl of the family and we’re pretty sure she knows it too! Thank you for introducing us to our new family member! We are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives with Bailey, our beautiful Shiba Inu.As soon as we got her home, I couldn’t help but take hundreds of pictures on my camera. I have the link to an album online for you to browse through! Amanda, John and BaileyBrooklyn, NY


Dear Jen & Worldwide Puppies StaffWe love our German Shepherd puppy so much! We bought her when she was 12 weeks old and now she is 2 years old. Her birthday is February 10, 2011. We named her Sundae. She loves running and playing by the bay. She is a big water dog and her favorite toy is a tennis ball or a basketball. She is afraid of basements and loves dog treats. She loves her little pug sister but her best friend is a big fat orange cat. We love her so much and take tons of picture of her, we wanted to show you some pictures of her.




Hi Beverly,All is going well, however. The little gal is really making herself comfortable and sleeping a lot! She’s playing with toys an me but doing great and adjusting. I bought her this adorable little blanket to snuggle into and she was really happy watching the snow fall from inside the cozy window on Saturday. What a cutie!Thanks so much and we’ll keep you posted on how our little gal is doing.Sally Dolan


Dear Worldwide Puppies & KittensI promised I would send you guys pictures of our beloved bullmastiff pup that we bought through you about a month ago…we adore him and he is doing so well…he sits, speaks, lies down, comes and fetches on command (bathroom habits are still in progress but we are coping J).Thanks again for hooking us up with our new family member – we are so happy and he has a great home. His name is Bruiser.Vickie Roehling


Hi Crisy ,Merry Christmas n Happy New Year to you all !! :)Thank you for bringing me and my husband such a lovely Shizhi puppy. We love him so much ! And my family n friends too….He brings us lots of joy !!I am sending you his new Christmas picture with Santa Claus…lol.Hope u guys like it too : ) Hope i can bring him to visitm u guys soon…..Amy Tong


JJJust wanted to say thank you for our english mastiff Dallas that you recommended for us! He’s almost 5 months now, We’ve had him for almost two months he is already 40 lbs and still a growing healthy pup! He is easy to train and has overall been awesome so far! we love him and will keep you updated as he grows to be the huge dog he will be one day!Thank you So Much!     Jenna Torino , JJ, & Dallas!


MayaBeverly thanks for all of your help with little Maya (f/k/a Princess) yesterday, she has a beautiful new home and is being spoiled rotten!


Hi,Here are some pics of Duke LoPinto, HAPPY in his New Home for Christmas. Duke is doing wonderful, adjusting so well, and we just love and adore him.Thank you World Wide for making this the best Christmas Ever!Carolyn LoPinto (Analyst, Contract Administration, Adecco USA)


MayaLola is now one year old and loving life.


Hi,We purchased both a 3 month old German Shepard (Onyx) and a 2 month old Manx kitten (Gizmo) on February 13th and I promised to send pictures. They are doing very well and growing rapidly.Potty training was a challenge, but Onyx is doing well with it now and we have started puppy classes at Petsmart.Thanks for everything.Lisa Meachem