West Highland Terrier Puppies

West Highland Terrier Puppies also commonly referred to as the Westie, this breed is a boisterous, playful, alert, and independent breed. It is very extroverted and can be stubborn. The West Highland White Terrier needs to be trained at a young age not to try to dominate other dogs or chase cats. If you have children, it makes a good playmate because it can handle rough play.

Life Span: 12 to 14 years.
Color: Always white.
Coat: Hard outercoat, 2 inches long; soft undercoat.
Grooming: Twice-weekly brushing. Show coats need shaping by stripping every three months.
Height: 11 inches at the shoulder.
Weight: 15 to 22 pounds.

West Highland Terrier Puppies For Sale:

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