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  • She fills the void

    May 30th 2021I lost my fur baby after 14 years together. The enormous grief of his death and the new void in my life was not something I could live with. That's where my journey began. I search several pet stores to no avail. Worldwide was the very last stop on my list. I guess you have to experience the bad to get to the good. When I walked into Worldwide puppies Rebecca was so welcoming and attentive. She personalized my experience there and ultimately introduced me to my new fur baby. June 1st I left the store with my new fur baby and the greatest customer service experience EVER. The staff there made my visit all about me and my needs. They supplied me with the perfect fit for my family filling that emptiness and quite. Thank you Rebecca and the Worldwide Team.

    Ms. Jay

  • They had a lot of selection

    I have two labradoodles. One is 13 and play is a little too rough for her now, and my other dog always looks bored, so I thought he should have somebody to play with. And my son always wanted a pug. I found that there were a lot of pugs available around me that weren't very old. We went to Worldwide and paid for a pug in full. It was a pretty quick process. They had a lot of selection. I've seen the cleaning process happen and it was good. But they were a little dishonest on the phone about the number of pugs they had. They made it sound like they had some pugs to choose from. But it was only one pug when I came over the next day. We named him Oliver. He was six months old when we got him, so I don't know if somebody had him before or not because when you put your hand out, he seems a little back-offish like defensive. But he is starting to let up with that now, and he is healthy. The vet checked him out.

    Dineen of Brentwood, NY

  • Everybody is happier now

    I like Worldwide Puppies and Kittens. They were nice. I like small dogs and the place that I got the puppy. The only thing I don't like is that I got a loan for the dog, and I guess it was closing time, and I didn't know that they gave me 21% interest for a dog. Worldwide should have asked if you were okay with that because I could've used my credit card and paid 199, not 21. For 2,000, 21%, almost 22, is a lot for a person that have an 816 credit score. My credit score is excellent. So, I should have not qualified for almost 22% interest. They got to explain more to the people because like me, if I'm going to buy a house, I know this is my credit right now, I probably would've taken 3% interest for a house. So, why am I gonna pay 22% for a dog? But as long as my kids are happy, that's it. It was worth it and everything is good so far. Everybody is happier now. The new puppy has white fur. She's a bichon poo and it was easy to select and find it.

    Lady of Hempstead, NY

  • We had two dogs

    We had two dogs and one of them died last year, so the remaining one was too lonely. I looked into breeders online and it was around Christmas time, so there weren’t any available at that particular time for the breed that we wanted. So, we figured to give Wordwide a try. They had an assortment of any different breeds and we were looking for either a Shih Tzu or a Shih Tzu mix. We settled on a Shih Tzu and things couldn't be better with having it in our family. Worldwide also made it a very smooth transaction and they made it very easy to get to know the puppies. We were able to take the puppy outside and spend a little time with the puppy in a separate area. Plus, they didn’t push like how you go to some places and they’ll try to get you to commit right away. So all in all, our experience with them was pretty good.

    T. of Ny, NY

  • He is our world

    When I tried looking into adopting, unfortunately, my husband is very, very asthmatic and so is my son. So we had to look for specifics breeds which I tried for about eight or nine months. The adoption places just didn't have it or they had a puppy that was too old. And it wasn't gonna work out with my son 'cause I have a seven-year-old who's hyperactive. So I researched online and I was looking initially for a Bernedoodle. I found three Bernedoodles at Worldwide Puppies and Kittens. The girl there was very knowledgeable. I had a lot of questions about the dogs and the reps were very good. They were very forthcoming with information. When we could not make our minds up about the Bernedoodles, one of the girls suggested that we take a look at the Cockapoo that they had because I wanted a dog that was a little more tame She brought him in and he was just very calm, went up to us and sniffed us and lay on my husband's legs. That's the one we ended up taking and he's amazing. We love him. He is our world. My kids adore him and our life basically revolve around him right now. But he's a little expensive so we were doing monthly payments.

    Karla of Hempstead, NY

  • We love him

    It was a wonderful experience with Worldwide Puppies and Kittens. I had purchased a previous puppy from them about 15 years ago. Recently, I got a boxer puppy and the purchasing process was fine. We were looking during the pandemic, so it was a little bit different. We couldn’t just walk into the store. I was driving by, I saw a puppy in the window that we liked, and then I made an appointment. By the time we got in, that dog was already purchased. Somebody was walking out with him as we walked in. We looked at a few other puppies, but they just weren’t what we were hoping for. We left, and then the store called me two days later, and they had gotten another two in. They made an appointment for us, we went in with my children and my husband, we spent time with both dogs, and then we chose one, spent a little more time with him, and then we walked out with him. We love him.

    Sarah of Hempstead, NY