Available Pets

Weight: 7–10 pounds

Height: 10–19 inches

General Description

The Chinese Crestepoo is a small hybrid breed and is a mix between a Chinese Crested and a Poodle. The most common colors are black, brown, chocolate, cream, white and golden while their coats are long, soft and wavy with with soft, straight hair on their legs and feet. Chinese Crestepoos usually have hairless ears and long thin tails. Their muzzles are also thin and short and they can have beards. They are regarded as quite low maintenance when it comes to grooming and are playful and energetic, although can be somewhat highly strung. They can be trained but are known to be a bit stubborn.


The Chinese Crestepoo is regarded as a playful, affectionate pet that can be very protective of their family. Some can be highly strung but for the most part they are friendly dogs and gentle with children making them ideal family pets. They enjoy getting a lot of attention and like the parent breeds, are alert and curious. Socialization and training are best started young as they can be stubborn when it comes to training. They will respond best to positive reinforcement and rewards. The Chinese Crestepoo is usually good with other pets including dogs and cats but again it is best to introduce them at an early age. They are active dogs but don’t need a huge amount of exercise to keep fit. They could happily live in an apartment provided they are taken out regularly for exercise. This breed does not bark much at all but will do if a stranger approaches. They don’t enjoy being left alone