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The offspring of the Havanese and the Bichon Frise, the Havachon, is a dog with an even, affectionate disposition. These crossbreeds are small size dogs with black, button-like eyes and long hanging ears, with their whole body covered with tufts of dense, silky hair that can be of varying colors.


Havachon is intensely loyal and affectionate to its owner and the family with a sweet, eager-to-please attitude, expecting a little attention in return. Although, at times, their independent nature might lead to obstinacy or an ‘alpha-dog’ attitude. They are inquisitive and would hang around all the corners of the house. The fluffy, little dog can be a great play pal to kids and are equally good to the guests and the strangers. Though usually quiet and unaggressive, they make good watchdogs, alerting its family of any sound at the door. All these virtues in its behavior (coupled with its cute looks) make it a great family pet.