Available Pets

Weight: 25–45 pounds

Height: 16–20 inches

General Description

he Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a medium-sized, hardy, well balanced sporting terrier, square in outline. He is distinguished by his soft, silky, gently waving coat of warm wheaten color and his particularly steady disposition. The breed requires moderation both in structure and presentation, and any exaggerations are to be shunned. He should present the overall appearance of an alert and happy animal, graceful, strong and well coordinated.


Soft coated wheatens are very Happy, friendly, and deeply devoted; just stubborn enough to remind you they’re terriers! Tehy love to play and absolutly love the attention of their caretakers and will love you jutst as much!

Grooming Requirements

Usually Brushing/Combing is required twice a week; and a Bath and Haircut should be given every four-six weeks