Lhasa Apso-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Available Pets

Weight: 13–16 pounds

Height: 12–16 inches


The Lhasalier is a hybrid breed. His parent breeds are the Lhasa Apso and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Lhasalier is an energetic, happy dog. He is great with children, and is easy to train. He listens intently to his handler's commands and wants nothing more than to please his family. He is highly affectionate with all members of his family. He does not require large amounts of exercise, but he does need regular exercise so that he stays healthy. He will not require excessive maintenance, but be prepared to groom him regularly. He will be a small dog, growing no taller than eighteen inches.


The Lhasalier is a happy, energetic little dog. He loves every member of his family, but he is especially affectionate with children. He gets along well with other dogs and pets, but early socialization is best when introducing the Lhasalier to other animals. He may be somewhat independent, but he is also rather obedient. Because of his independent nature, he is not prone to separation anxiety. He may follow you from room to room while you are at home, and he expects to be involved in all your activities. He may be leery of strangers at first, but generally warms up to people. He rarely barks.