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Weight: 7–12 pounds

Height: 10–13 inches

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Housebreaking might be a little difficult for this breed. To grow a healthy habit in your peke-a-tese puppy, take it out to do its business as the first thing in the morning, or before you leave it alone. Make sure you remove its food bowl between meals so that, it just can’t keep munching all day and develop an irregular bowel habit. Since many peke-a-tese puppies might be disobedient at certain points of time in their lives, you must begin training from its puppyhood. Be clear about what you are expecting from it, behaviorally. For that, rather than saying ‘no’ to it, tell your puppy what you want it to do. Dogs cannot generalize accurately, e.g., if your dog has the habit of licking face to express its affection, and if you say ‘no’ to it, it might learn to lick the hands instead. So, under such circumstances, teach your dog to ‘sit’ or ‘stop’ instead. You must begin socializing your dog so as to keep away possibilities of stranger-aggression in the future. Invite your friends and families, more and more, right from the time your dog is a puppy. Let it get accustomed to new faces, and make it a habit to accept your guests, if not welcome them.