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General Description

The shar-pei puggle, also known as the Ori Pei, Sharpug, Pugpei, was created in the 1970s in North America. It is a cross bred dog, created by crossing the Pug and the Shar Pei. This toy dog has a pug like appearance with moderate wrinkles. Its solid stocky body is accompanied by a massive round head, square-shaped muzzle, dark eyes. The thin ears are slightly turned on the head and are rose-shaped or button-shaped. The Ori Pei’s tail is tightly curled over the back and it has an outstanding personality like the pug.


They are intelligent, playful, loving and get easily attached to the family. They may be stubborn at times but are not aggressive. The Ori Pei is easy to train and they love pleasing their master by learning new tricks. They are not highly active and enjoy staying indoors, playing with toys or even sleeping. The well-mannered and fair-tempered nature of the Ori Pei makes them get along well with children. They are protective towards the family and property and can be excellent watch dogs. However, they do not bark unnecessarily. Their charm and sense of humor is appealing. The Ori Pei enjoys chasing cats and smaller animals but is not harmful to them.